Wow Moment of March 2016 - Bryan Moreland

Bryan Moreland, Wow Moment of March 2016

 Our WOW moment for March involved a helping hand to a stranded stranger.
  It just so happened that IT specialist Bryan Moreland was in the right place at the right time to help a visitor in need. A coworker chanced upon an elderly woman, stranded in the parking lot with a flat tire. She was here visiting her father, a patient in the Emergency Room. The coworker asked if she needed help, and she responded that she would have to air the tire up with a small air pump.
  That’s where Bryan stepped in – he was crossing the parking lot from the Elliott building back to the main campus when he noticed the situation. When the coworker asked if there was any way Bryan could help, he didn’t hesitate. Not only did he help change her tire, he refused payment and checked on her once more after her visit with her father.
  “I am so proud to work with people who go out of their way to ensure safety and show kindness to visitors. Several people drove around this woman, but Bryan took his time to show how much NMH will do to make sure our visitors are treated with special care,” said his
nominating coworker.
We thank you, Bryan, for being a role model and showing such compassion to a stranger.

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