Wow Moment of May 2016 - Brooke Ressler

Brooke Ressler, Wow Moment of May 2016

  Our WOW moment for March involved bringing joy to one of our youngest patients.  Brooke Ressler, a pediatric physical therapist, recently went above and beyond to assist one of her young patients suffering from a spinal cord injury. The young patient had shown great progress, but was still unable to participate in recreational activities with her peers. As a young mother herself, Brooke knew the child needed to have some interactive fun. After the insurance company turned the family down for a specialized therapeutic tricycle, Brooke decided she would find other means for the patient.

  American Business Clubs (AMBUCS) is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Brooke filled out the AMBUCS application, then took it one step further. She borrowed a tricycle like the one her patient would receive and helped her try it out during their next therapy session.  The young patient mastered the borrowed bike in minutes, and was all smiles when her very own tricycle was delivered.

  Brooke, thanks for nurturing your young patient the same way you would your own children!

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