Wow Moment of May 2017 - Jenny Hand & Kirsten Richardson

 During the spring of this year, a family was invJenny Hand and Kirsten Richardson, Wow Moment of May 2017olved in a tragic motor vehicle accident, their lives suddenly and tragically changed forever. In the vehicle were two young children and their grandparents, all returning from a fun afternoon of Easter egg hunting. Sadly, the grandparents did not survive the crash.

 The two small children were brought into our busy emergency room with minor physical injuries, but major emotional injuries. Emergency nurse, Jenny Hand, was heartbroken when the six-year-old told her "all I saw was my granny and my Easter eggs flying out the window."

 Jenny decided right then that somehow she would make their situation just a tiny bit better. She enlisted the help of emergency department tech, Kirsten Richardson.

 The two gathered some money and Kirsten went to the store and bought each of the kids a new Easter basket to take with them when they left the emergency department that evening.

 "It was just a thoughtful gesture that Jenny and Kirsten could make to comfort those children," said the nominating co-worker, "Although the day will likely forever be etched in that families’ minds, I do hope they know the love and compassion that was felt for them by our staff. I am so proud of our emergency department team and the kindness, patience and empathy they show on a daily basis to the thousands of lives they touch."

 Thank you, Jenny and Kirsten, for your kind hearts. 

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