Wow Moment of September 2016 - Toni Tallant

 One of the duties performed by our switchboard operators is to make overhead announcements. An employee had just walked into the PBX office to request an announcement be made, when she found new PBX operator, Toni Tallant, sitting at her desk, hair sopping wet and wearing scrubs - not typical office attire at all. Toni was embarrassed by her outfit, and quickly assured her co-worker that she didn’t always dress this way.
 Toni had been on her way into work after her lunch break on a stormy day, when she decided she needed to help an elderly couple change their tire. The man tried to refuse help, but Toni insisted, in spite of the pouring rain. She successfully changed the tire and made it back to work, but of course had to change her drenched clothing.
 “I believe people like Toni are what makes Memorial such a great place to work,” said her nominating co-worker.

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