Stroke Action Plan

Stroke Center

Early detection and quick response times are vital when a person suffers a stroke. That’s why Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital promotes awareness and action steps when stroke symptoms are detected.

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital has a special plan of action to identify and treat stroke patients.

Every second matters when someone suffers a stroke, so our action plan focuses on making the most of every moment. The hospital educates EMS technicians on stroke symptoms and, once it is determined that a stroke has occurred, our team immediately lets the ER know a stroke patient is on the way.

That’s when Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s specially trained team of ER nurses, doctors, cardiopulmonary specialists and neurological physicians spring into action. After a neurological assessment and a CT scan, the team determines which specialized treatment will work best for the patient. Some patients may even qualify for a drug that can restore blood flow to the brain, possibly reversing symptoms and decreasing the chances of disability.

After the initial diagnosis and treatment, a staff of nurses with specialized training in post-stroke care takes charge, managing every aspect of recovery, from physical therapy to nutrition, and helping families plan for the patient’s care after discharge.

Don't ignore symptoms of a stroke. Anyone could experience a stroke at any age. Symptoms include: numbness or weakness in the face, arms, or legs; trouble talking; or sudden severe headache.

It’s important to call 911 instead of driving the stroke victim to the hospital yourself. EMS technicians are specially trained to recognize stroke symptoms and will alert the ER so that the stroke team can be prepared to begin treatment as soon as the patient arrives.

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